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Revive Your Closet - Part 2

Declutter & Purge Costume Jewelry We all have drawers and boxes … full of costume jewelry.  It is easy to keep because they don’t take a lot of space.  When you decide to go through these treasures, allow yourself some time.  It took me a couple of days.  Mine are in built-in vanity drawers, I took a drawer a day and, in front of the TV, started the task of WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS STUFF. Start with a category, earrings, bracelets, or after 5:00, etc. When I did my earrings, I got them all out and matched them. I started a little bag of 1 earring; by the end I had found a ton of matches. Pull...

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Revive Your Closet

Remember there is a difference in ORGANIZING your clutter and PURGING your clutter. Don’t get overwhelmed. Do it a drawer at a time or a category. Remember, I told you I did my jeans one day; I tried them all on and sorted them. Another day I did all my shoes. When you get overwhelmed you shut down. Hey girlfriends, we now have the time!!! Things to help you purge: GET RID of things that are stained, sleeves are too short, or the body is too short. Sweaters - depending on your age, let’s say you are my age, you are never going to wear a short sweater again. Dresses and skirts - if they are too short or really don’t fit. You...

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