Revive Your Closet - Part 2

Declutter & Purge Costume Jewelry

We all have drawers and boxes … full of costume jewelry.  It is easy to keep because they don’t take a lot of space.  When you decide to go through these treasures, allow yourself some time.  It took me a couple of days.  Mine are in built-in vanity drawers, I took a drawer a day and, in front of the TV, started the task of WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS STUFF.

  1. Start with a category, earrings, bracelets, or after 5:00, etc. When I did my earrings, I got them all out and matched them. I started a little bag of 1 earring; by the end I had found a ton of matches.
  2. Pull out your signature pieces. Your signature pieces are pieces of jewelry that you wear often and were not necessarily bought for an outfit. They are your go to pieces, your lifetime pieces.
GET RID OF                                                                                                                                    3. Damaged, broken and cannot be fixed pieces.  If it can be fixed –  fix it NOW.
  1. Jewelry you bought for an outfit that you haven’t owned for 20 years!!! OMG, I had the 80s, 90s and beyond, never in a million years will I ever wear it again.
  2. Earrings that are too big, (80s & 90s), too long, too ugly, or too heavy, or you no longer wear them.
  3. Bracelets & Necklaces that don’t fit, are too clunky, out of style, or haven’t been worn.

Ok, here is the deal, make several piles. One to give to someone you think might like those pieces; kids dress up (make sure it goes to their house); GARBAGE!!! throw it away if it’s broken and worn out; and a pile to donate or sell.

I found several pieces I forgot about that were silver. All my silver pieces I put in a bag to keep them from tarnishing.

My real jewelry is in a separate jewelry box.  Again, when you try to sell real jewelry, it has less than half the original value… wear it and stop saving it.

STORAGE.                                                                                                                I put a rack on my closet door, or you can use one on a wall in a walk in.  I got mine at a hardware store for brooms, mops, etc.  I use it for necklaces.  If you can’t see it you will not wear it!  Peg board with hooks on a wall in a walk in for jewelry is awesome, if you have space.  I use drawers for mine with leather and fabric divider boxes I purchased from T.J. Maxx.  You can use jewelry boxes, but they need to be open so you can see the jewelry.  Another choice are plastic divided boxes from the craft store, they also stack well. 

For some of us, jewelry is a big task, but, my friends, it was a really rewarding one.  I love seeing all my favorite pieces; I found earrings I thought were lost; I have way more space for new pieces.

Declutter is freedom and clarity.  You eliminate confusion and frustration.