About Her Place Studio

Her Place Studio Shopping and Gifts Hermitage, PA

Hello! I am Andrea Peters from Her Place Studio. I am thrilled that you're visiting my site.

I am assuming you are here because a friend sent you, you saw a video on You Tube, or Googled something and found me! Welcome! I'd like to share a little about who I am, how I got here, and what it means to you.

For many years I owned & operated clothing stores in the northeastern US. At that time, I also modeled and worked as a freelance makeup artist for department stores. Because of the store and modeling and makeup, I did public speaking for various businesses about corporate image. From there, I transitioned to retail sales, teaching other women about how to be "more."

All these different pieces of the puzzle have brought me to where I am today. I have an “experience degree” in inspiring women to clear the clutter. I specialize in affordable gifting, gourmet food baskets, and top-trending women's fashion and accessories.

Does time saving, simple, and “WOW factor” interest you?

My many experiences have led me to create a beautiful lifestyle that women have wanted to achieve, too. My business offers just that! From a welcoming home to loving the way you look, a beautiful life is what you make it and I am here to help.

As you see more about my beautiful life, you’ll know how beautiful your life is, too.

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