Revive Your Closet

Remember there is a difference in ORGANIZING your clutter and PURGING your clutter.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Do it a drawer at a time or a category. Remember, I told you I did my jeans one day; I tried them all on and sorted them. Another day I did all my shoes.

When you get overwhelmed you shut down. Hey girlfriends, we now have the time!!!

Things to help you purge:

  1. GET RID of things that are stained, sleeves are too short, or the body is too short. Sweaters - depending on your age, let’s say you are my age, you are never going to wear a short sweater again. Dresses and skirts - if they are too short or really don’t fit. You do not need to save the dress you wore to your son’s wedding 15 years ago. Let someone else enjoy it. It doesn’t fit anyhow. LOL
  2. FIT. You should not keep clothes in four different sizes. For example, if you are a 14, you will not WANT TO WEAR those clothes you are saving that are a 4; just saying they are probably out of style, and you are going to want new! Keep the size above and the size below if you want.
  3. TRY YOUR CLOTHES ON. What I wore in my 50’s: I don’t want that look today.
  4. Do you wear it or are you keeping it because you paid a lot of money for it?
  5. Did you have a lifestyle change? Now you are retired, and you have dressy work clothes you will never wear again. Donate them to someone who still needs work clothes.
  6. Get a someone to help you decide if you should keep it. NOT your girlfriend - she will remind you what you paid for it!! Ha Ha, but your kid, if she lives with you or use use Face Time. Put it on, believe me she will tell you… out!!!
  7. MAKE FOUR PILES. What you are giving to someone; my too little clothes that I will NEVER be that size again goes to my neighbor; good things that can be sold in a secondhand store; and things to donate.

In your closet -

  1. One season.
  2. Only clothes that fit.
  3. Only shoes you will wear doing that season.

The reason is as I get dressed, I am not frustrated because I keep reaching for clothes that do not fit!

This is a start, now you start! DO ALL YOUR CLOSETS & DRAWERS if you really want to purge!

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